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900 Mhz
1.3 Ghz

FreeWave provides amplifiers for government, military and qualified customer solutions. 100% of our amplifiers are tested through 5 discreet stages to assure quality and performance when installed.

Please note: Bilateral amplifiers are for use by the US Government, by military customers, and for other qualified customers only.

This document (pdf) is required for the purchase and operation of these amplifiers.

Please contact FreeWave Technologies for further assistance.

  Part Number Power Amplifier Diplexer  
  AAA-1W 1 W

  AAP-5W 1.3 GHz


AAA-5W /

5 W



The FreeWave Technologies AAA series of Bilateral Amplifiers are designed to improve the range of 902-928 MHz spread spectrum radios by amplifying both the transmitted and received signals right at the antenna, mitigating cable loss.

  • On the receive direction, the amplifiers incorporate GaAs FET amplification along with SAW and dielectric resonator filtering. This results in a 1.5 dB Noise Figure and a +5 dBm input intercept point along with 40 dB of cellular and pager band rejection. A combination of SAW and lowpass filtering reduces harmonic output to less than -70 dBc.
  • On the transmit direction, the amplifiers generate 1 W or 5 W, making them the ideal solution for extending the range of spread spectrum radios.
  • The amplifiers are powered through the antenna cable, simplifying the installation process.
  • The amplifiers are packaged in sealed, milled, aluminum housing, providing the utmost in weather protection.
These products consist of 2 to 3 devices:
  • Amplifier, mounted near the antenna (typically on the mast)
  • Diplexer, mounted near a power source (typically by the radio)
  • Power supply (wall wart), permanently connected to the diplexer

The diplexer receives DC power from the power supply, and adds it to the signal in the antenna cable. The amplifier separates the signal from the DC power, and uses that DC power.
Optionally, you may order amplifiers that are powered directly, without a diplexer.

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