Kits And Mounting Systems


Ordering Information:
Model Range Type Dir. Gain Conn. Dim. Notes
EAN0900NR 900 MHz Whip, 1/2 wave No 2 dBi N-type male 8" tall
EAN0900RQ 900 MHz Whip, 1/4 wave No
Reverse SMA 3" tall
EAN0900SR 900 MHz Whip, 1/2 wave No 2 dBi SMA 7" tall
EAN0900SQ 900 MHz Whip, 1/4 wave No
SMA 3" tall
EAN0900WB 900 Mhz High gain No 5.15 dBi NMO 12" tall Donut pattern, open coil. Includes brackets.
EAN0900YC 900 MHz Yagi Yes 12.15 dBi N-type female 24" long 7-element; Wavelnk; 50°H/45°V beamwidth. 125 MPH rated wind velocity.
EAN0905WB 900 MHz High gain No 5 dBi NMO 33" tall Elevated feed antenna. No ground plane required. Includes brackets.
EAN0906YA 900 MHz Yagi Yes 8 dBi N-type female 15" long 4-element; Mobile mark; 100°H/60°V beamwidth. 100 MPH windload.
EAN0906WB 900 MHz High gain No 8.15 dBi N-type female 65" long Fiberglass; Antenex; Includes brackets.
EAN0140YC 1.4 GHz Yagi Yes 10 dBi N-type female 19" long 7 element; Wavelink.
EAN0147YC 1.4 GHz Yagi Yes 7 dBi N-type female 12" long 3 element; Wavelink.
EAN2400NR 2.4 GHz Whip, 1/2 wave No 1 dBi N-type male 5" tall Half Wave, Wavelink.
EAN2400YC 2.4GHz Yagi Yes 4 dBi N-type female 11" long 1-element, Wavelink.
EAN2405WC 2.4 GHz Whip No 5dBi NMO 4.5" tall Donut Pattern, no ground plane required.
EAN2414CR 2.4 GHz Corner reflector Yes 14dBi N-type female 7" tall 5" deep 44°H/35°V Beamwidth.
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