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Is it possible to expedite my order and what additional costs might be incurred?

There are a few radio model numbers which FreeWave can sometimes expedite based on current order backlog and order size.  When possible, we can offer a 48 business hour expedite fee of $50 per radio. (e.g., If your expedited order is entered on a Monday, we will guarantee that it will ship on Wednesday, earlier if possible. If your expedited order was entered on a Friday, we will guarantee that it will ship on the following Tuesday, earlier if possible.)

We keep a small inventory of various accessories on hand and can often ship a small quantity of accessories in 2 days or less.

If a customer urgently needs their order, the order can be marked to ship early, will accept partials, and/or upgrade the ship method from ground delivery. Additional freight charges would be applied.

FreeWave endeavors to help customers achieve their requested time frame whenever possible but cannot always comply.

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