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Why can’t I poll Modbus data from any of my serial slave radios?After adding a new serial radio, must the firmware be upgraded on older radios?Can I connect multiple end devices to the same serial radio?Can the Baud Rate setting be different across the many end points / slaves in my network?Anytime I send a poll request, that request gets echoed back to me immediately. (485 wiring 232 programming)Can FreeWave Ethernet and serial devices communicate over-the-air to each other? Cannot read or program from diagnostic port on serial radio How can I check the status of my order?How can I copy settings from one radio to another?How can I use Tool Suite to program my Ethernet radios?How do I find the IP address on an Ethernet radio? How can I reset my Ethernet radio to factory defaults?How do I return a damaged radio to FreeWave? What information do I need to provide to FreeWave? How to upgrade Ethernet radio firmwareHow can VSWR help me in troubleshooting my network?How do I set Subnet IDs in radio networks?How do I turn a Slave or Endpoint radio into a Slave-Repeater?How do I access an Ethernet radio if I don’t know the IP address?How do I access the settings on an Ethernet radio?To what address do I return a damaged radio to FreeWave when I already have an RMA number? Troubleshooting serial radio that won’t collect dataHow do I download the FreeWave TFTP installer?How do I export a FreeWave Network File (.fwn)?How do you connect between an Ethernet radio and serial devices?How many serial radios can I have in a network?How to resolve Ethernet lockup on Ethernet RadiosHow to resolve intermittent serial port lockup on Ethernet radiosHow to resolve unexpected Ethernet radio behaviorHow to run Network Diagnostics on Serial Networks I added another repeater to bring a site in and now I am having comms failures across my network. What's wrong?Is it possible to expedite my order and what additional costs might be incurred?LRS140 and LRS455-CE - TX green LED non-functionalLRS140 and LRS455-CR - No enclosure LED activityNetwork diagnostics in ToolSuite does not see my LRS140 radioNew repeater causing comms failures across networkSerial slaves spontaneously change from RS485 to RS232Troubleshooting unreliable communication to serial slaveWhat are the differences between Wire Replacement IO and Modbus IO?What do subnet IDs of F/F do on a slave or endpoint radio?What information can I gather by looking at a radio’s LEDs?What is the best way to configure a new network of serial radios?What is the factory default IP address of an Ethernet radio?What is Tool Suite and how do I get it?What is VSWR and Antenna Reflected Power?Where can I find the VSWR/Antenna Reflected Power value/reading?Which 900MHz serial radios are compatible with each other?Which Ethernet radios are compatible with each other?Why can’t I program my Ethernet radio with the diagnostics cable?Why can’t I program my Plus radio with the diagnostics cable?Why can’t I read or write to my serial radio using ToolSuite? – General Problems Programming serial radiosWhy does my Wire Replacement IO Master not drive relays with its Digital Outputs?
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