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  Cellular Bridge 
The Cellular Bridge combines world class radio technology with globally deployable cellular technology and is available in 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz.  


The FGR2-CE is a cost effective solution that allows customers to incorporate wireless communications into a wide variety of applications.  


The FGR2- CP Cathodic Protection remote monitoring radio products monitor pipe-to-soil test stations, rectifier stations, pipeline pressure stations and pipeline scrubbing stations.  


The FreeWave Technologies FGR2-IO system provides outstanding performance and versatility in wireless transmission of process-control signals.  


The 900 MHz FGR2-PE offers industrial serial and Ethernet wireless connectivity using license-free spread spectrum for data communication over long distances.  


The FreeWave CP-Cathodic Protection systems offers the CP professional a complete product family to meet your CP remote monitoring needs.  


The 2.4 GHz, embedded solution operates in all ITU regions and is fully FCC, IC, ETSI, RoHS, and UL Class 1 Division 2 certified.  


The 900 MHz, HTplus radio is a rugged and reliable solution that performs where other products fail.  


  I/O Expansion 
The I/O Expansion Module may either be stacked or can serve as expandable remote IO modules through a serial connection.  


Our leading OEM product, the FreeWave MM2 900 MHz, 1 Watt radio is a small form factor data radio with best in-class performance that FreeWave customers have come to expect.  


  MM2 Ethernet 
The FreeWave MM2, 900 MHz, 1 Watt ethernet radio is ideal for embedding in to OEM products.