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Electric Power / Smart Grid Products

Cellular Bridge     

Cellular Bridge

The Cellular Bridge combines world class radio technology with globally deployable cellular technology and is available in 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz.  Learn More




The FGR2, a 900 MHz serial radio, is the next generation of the FGR Series. Learn More




Introducing the latest product in FreeWave Technologies, the FGR2-PE 900 MHz, Ethernet Radio. Learn More




The FreeWave 900 MHz, FGR2-IO System provides outstanding performance and versatility in wireless transmission of process-control signals. Learn More




The FreeWave 2.4 GHz,  I2-IO system  can be used in wire-replacement and signal replication applications. Learn More



IO Expansion

The IO Expansion Module may either be stacked or can serve as expandable remote IO modules through a serial connection. Learn More




FreeWave Technologies offers a licensed band radio in the recently approved 1.4 GHz band. Learn More



LRS 415

The LRS415 Series of wireless radios provides reliable, robust RF links for international SCADA networks in the licensed narrowband spectrum. Learn More




The FreeWave LRS455 Licensed 435-470 MHz transmits data reliably and across long distances. Learn More




Our leading OEM product, the FreeWave MM2 900 MHz, 1 Watt radio is a mini (2" H x 1.4" W) data radio with the industry’s best in-class performance that our customers have come to expect from FreeWave. Learn More


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