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LRS455 435-470 MHz Serial Data Radio

The LRS455 family of licensed spectrum serial radios provide outstanding performance and versatility as a board level or ruggedized enclosure. This cost effective solutions allows you incorporate wireless communications into a wide variety of applications.

Product Highlights

• Offered in a surface mount design, and no additional RF shielding
• With a small footprint, the board level version is ideal for internally mounted applications
• Reduces network costs by minimizing the need for network infrastructure
• Allows you to extend your wireless data communication over extensive distances and in challenging RF environments
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LRS455 Data Radio Key Features

High Speed: 19.2 kbps throughput on a 12.5 kHz channel
Long Range: 70 mile range with clear line of sight with the ability to extend further through the use of a Repeater
Versatile: A single radio can operate simultaneously as a Gateway or Repeater
Noise Immunity: Superior performance in noise congested environments


LRS455 Data Sheet

LRS455-C-U and LRS455-CE-U

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