I/O Expansion

The FreeWave Technologies IO Expansion Module offers a scalable solution to meet the demands of your automation requirements. The IO Expansion Module may either be stacked on an applicable IO radio or can serve as expandable remote IO modules through a serial connection. Regardless of the configuration, up to 15 modules may be stacked on the radio or base module. The IO Expansion Module is Class 1 Division 2 UL approved and adds significant flexibility to an existing Modbus IO network.  
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  • Affordable: Low installation and long-term maintenance costs

  • Low Latency: Less than one second signal delay

  • High Accuracy: FGRIO System analog signal fidelity is factory calibrated and drift with time and temperature is much less than that of transducers

  • Low Power: Suitable for solar powered installations

  • Error-Free Communications: 32 bit CRC with automatic retransmission

  • Industrial Grade Specifications: Temperature range from –40ºC to +75ºC

  • Can function either with a radio or as a standalone module providing additional IO capability for 3rd party devices

  • 16 or 20 bit resolution on AIs

  • Fail Safe: Allows you to set Analog and Digital Outputs to a safe state in the event of a communication failure

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 IOE-4440                                   Serial Base                                     View / Download                          
 IOEX-4440  Expansion Module  View / Download
 IOE-4422  Serial Base  View / Download
 IOEX-4422  Expansion Module  View / Download
 IOE-4404  Serial Base  View / Download
 IOEX-4404  Expansion Module  View / Download
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